Swimming Pool Adds Value

Swimming Pool A Plus to Home’s Value

December 23, 2006 – There you, the house hunter, are – scurrying from home to home trying to weigh the positives of this one or the negatives of that one. You find yourself strolling from one room to another in yet another house that really hasn’t’ done much to rev up your excitement,

Until…. suddenly, the real estate agent nonchalantly cracks open a door off of the kitchen to reveal something that catches your eye — to the point that it almost takes your breath away. And there it grandly appears, staring you squarely in the face – a gorgeous key-shaped in-ground swimming pool with crystal-clear blue-tinted water – lapping against the sides in a kind of soothing cadence.

Almost to a person, the homebuyer’s response tends to range from Oooohhhh and Aaaahhhhh to forceful WOW’s upon first gaze of a home’s in-ground pool. In fact, Realtors say this kind of response is commonplace — even when the potential buyer already is aware that the home includes an in-ground pool.

Realtors also tell us that of all the characteristics a home can feature, there is perhaps none other that can stimulate the buyer’s imagination more than the presence of an in-ground swimming pool When the buyer realizes that something representing such pure fun and relaxation – a luxury once reserved only for the wealthy — is actually within reach, the excitement level is elevated even further. In fact, many homebuyers view a home, featuring – by its mere presence — an in-ground pool, as being more prestigious than an identical home, sans pool.

Realtors note that homebuyers, as they view a home’s pool, are likely to immediately start conjuring up a variety of pleasant imagery – imagining different ways to enjoy this unique amenity. Realtors say that – based on responses elicited from prospective buyers, it’s much easier for them to picture themselves spending time in the home’s pool area than inside any of the home’s rooms or other locations of the property.

For some, being refreshed in the pool’s cool, invigorating waters holds the promise of being the perfect antidote to a stressful day at the office. For others, scenes of laughter and frolicking good times with friends or family — complete with splashing and swimming contests — are brought to mind. And for still others, images of warm, inviting summer nights — beckoning them to lounge casually in the company of one’s spouse within the intimate privacy of the pool’s confines – provide the possibility of convenient romantic getaways without the necessity of even leaving the property.

And while there are divergent opinions among real estate experts regarding the exact value an in-ground swimming pool adds to home, most are in agreement that it does, indeed, have the effect of increasing the selling price of a home. However, to what extent depends in large part to the region one lives in. Nonetheless, Realtors concur that there really is no negatives impact of a pool on the selling price of a home, and in fact, is usually a nice positive.

According to some studies, a pool tends to have the least impact on a home’s value in the Northeast and Midwest, where a home’s value is increased by 4 to 6 percent, on average, when an in-ground pool is present. On the other hand, the increase to a home’s value ranging between 5 percent and 10 percent was evident in the Southeast. There, a pool’s impact on a home’s selling price compared to its northern counterparts comes as no surprise, due to the region’s warmer climate.

However, the Southwest appears to be the champion in the pool-adding-value-to-a-home contest.

Studies have shown that an in-ground pool there increases a home’s value by a minimum of 8 percent, and tops out at a whopping 13 percent. Again, this can be seen attributed to the climate, which is oftentimes hot and dry. In addition, the West – perhaps owing to its variety of climate types – from downright frigid to scorching hot and arid, shows the widest range The low end is 5 percent , but ranges upward to 13 percent, which mimics portions of all the other regions of the nation.


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