Rate Sheet

Let us help you get the “best” rate for you.

What does that mean? Not all mortgage rates are created equal. There are fixed rates, adjustable rates, introductory “teaser” rates and all kinds of fine print that go along with each of them. We clear away the confusion and show you the rates and loan programs that you will like best. You can be certain that we will answer all of your questions so you can be confident that you have the best rate to fit your personal needs.

Our experience and vast network of lenders assures you that we can find a rate and loan program to fit your personal situation.

We also want to make sure that you are an educated consumer. Don’t be fooled by low advertised rates that suck you in only to find out too late in the process that your rate will be higher. Other things to watch out for are hidden fees associated with those “teaser” rates that make those attractive rates not so attractive after all. Let us be your guide so that you can be assured that you have the best rate after all the costs are taken into account.

Please give us a call so we can make your dream rate and home a reality.


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