Planning A New Home Purchase

Emotions Play Big Role When Homebuyers Consider New Home Purchase

Maybe it’s those unique smells associated with new paint, wood, or carpet. Or perhaps, it’s the idea that nobody has ever lived in it before. Or maybe, it’s the excitement of knowing that this home will be a distinct reflection of the buyer’s personality from the onset.

One thing is certain, though, according to many real estate industry analysts. When it comes to buying a new home, in particular, they say emotions play the most significant role of all the factors which influence the homebuyer’s purchase decision. They reason that the buying process for almost anything contains an emotional element. However, because buying a home usually represents the largest purchase of one’s life, those emotions are greatly heightened.

Real estate professionals say homebuyers, in general, view the purchase of a new home as being more special than buying an existing resale home. They liken it to going to a car dealership and being able to make all of the decisions regarding the features and options of a new car they wish to buy.

Likewise, the fact that they will be the very first people to choose their home’s color scheme, interior and exterior design, landscaping, appliance options, and other features is a thrill and emotional high like no other. There is something about being the first at anything that touches one’s inner core. It’s a uniqueness related to the fact that nobody has come before you. And since one’s home is the place where a person will probably be spending most of his or her time, this exclusivity is all the more appealing.

However, the magnitude of deciding which home to live in eclipses even a new car purchase. Homebuyers who anticipate living in a newly-constructed home relish the experience of strolling through a home builder’s model home complex. There, their fantasies blend with reality as they explore the seemingly endless possibilities. They might think, “This looks great, but if the kitchen island were positioned just a bit more to the left, it would be perfect,” or “If the fireplace is built in the corner of the room, it would be ideal.” They love the idea of being in control, and planning almost every aspect of the home from scratch. And, the wonderful thing is, for the most part, a builder will strive to cooperate with buyers to satisfy their requests.

As homebuyers walk through the builder’s array of model homes, they picture themselves coming home everyday to an inviting place which is much more that just a place to exist.

They view it as a place, which, in very special ways, can make them better and enrich their lives. Images of warm, inviting evenings nestled next to a cozy, crackling fireplace with one’s spouse; raucous backyard barbecues on summer afternoons with kids joyfully running and playing in the safety of their ample-sized yard; or Christmas dinners set in the elegant, chandelier-enhanced dining room where family and friends are gathered for a reflective holiday celebration are conjured up in their minds.

In fact, the entire process of buying a new home – from choosing a home builder to selecting the doorknobs which are the most tasteful, evokes a host of emotional responses which the buyer will never forget. It can be both exhilarating and confusing at the same time, as perhaps, long-dormant emotions are revived again. But, have no fear, homebuyer – this is perfectly normal. And perhaps, many years down the road, when you reflect on exactly why you decided on buying a new home as opposed to an existing one, you’ll recall, with fondness, the invigorating emotions you felt.


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