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Home Security Becoming Major Factor in Home Buying Decisions

Nobody wants to think much about it, but crime can rear its ugly head when you least expect it. Statistics focusing on crimes committed on private property – particularly people’s homes — are alarming, to say the lease. And, year after year, they paint a picture that never really seems to improve. From simple burglaries to all-out home invasions, no part of the country is immune from these insidious acts.

And while crime will probably always be one of society woes, there are things people can do to drastically improve their chances of not being a victim of crime. As this pertains to homeowners, your most significant priority should be safeguarding yourselves, your loved ones, and your possessions.

With that in mind, there is probably no better investment than the purchase of a home security system. In fact, according to one estimate, a home with professionally installed security system in place creates such a deterrent to would-be criminals stepping foot on your property, that it is three to four times less likely for your home to be broken into than a home without one.

According to many law enforcement officials, burglars, who specialize in vandalizing private homes, will almost always avoid a home known to be equipped with a decent security system, and target a home without one, instead.

Many homebuyers are becoming increasingly sensitive to this issue. In fact, according to some estimates, home security has become one of the primary considerations influencing buyers’ home purchase decisions — particularly among seniors and families. Many homebuyers even place home security ahead of traditionally high-ranking factors, such as the number of rooms in the home, or price.

Thus, homeowners – those of you who plan to stay put for a while, as well as those who are considering selling in the near future — would be prudent to have a security system installed. This would be a very wise investment, not only for the sake of your families and yourselves, but it would display a sensitivity to the needs of current or future buyers – as the case may be — in light of their concerns over crime.

And, besides taking this significant step in protecting yourself, your family, and your home, a nice extra benefit, according to a growing consensus among real estate professionals, is that a security system can quite possibly add to the resale value of your home at selling time – especially if you make a point to the buyers about the benefits of increased protection and peace of mind. In addition, you will also catch a nice break from your homeowners insurance company – to the tune of about 20 percent.

Another incentive is the cost. Except for the most elaborate of systems, a professionally installed home security system, which features remote monitoring and subscriber alert functions, is inexpensive to install and maintain. Besides this basic system, some other security devices – depending on your need for added protection and your budget – are available, including:

  • Surveillance cameras – inside and outside
  • Remote monitoring via the internet
  • Fire or water damage remote detection, via environmental sensors
  • Systems featuring display screens
  • Outside security lighting

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