Depersonalize Your Home For Selling

Depersonalize Your Home To Facilitate The Selling Process

Selling your home can be a very emotional experience, as many successful home sellers can testify. After, all, if you’ve lived in the same house for any length of time, your home becomes an extension of your identity. And this is usually reflected, in part, by the way you’ve decorated the place, and the manner in which you’ve arranged your mementos, photos, and other personal objects – each one with its own unique place.

So, needless to say, it is often an emotionally painful process when it comes time to pack up your possessions, knowing they will never again occupy those little personalized spaces in the house you’ve been calling home for some time.

Realtors recognize there are several crucial things a seller should do to prepare his or her home for optimum sale potential before putting it on the market. Many realtors agree that it benefits the sellers greatly by adapting an “unattached” attitude regarding their homes the moment they’ve made a firm decision to sell.

In this vein, many real estate professionals highly recommend that sellers begin to hide away their personal things even before the real packing begins – actually, as soon as the house appears on the market, and realtors begin showing it to potential buyers.

This is usually difficult for sellers, because it means they will have to detach themselves emotionally from their homes. Nonetheless, there’s little doubt, that it will maximize their homes’ market viability. Sellers will need to be able to step back and look at their dwellings objectively, just as potential buyers would.

Keep in mind that buyers need to be able to envision themselves living there as they walk through the house,while scrutinizing each room and weighing the home’s potential as a residence with a personality the new owner will create.

Thus, it would behoove home sellers to act on the following tips:

  •  Adapt the right mental and emotional mindset while you go through the home-showing phase of the your real estate transaction. Realize that you will always carry with you the good memories acquired while living in your home. Likewise, believe that you’ll build lasting, cherished, and even better memories in your new abode.
  • Pay particular attention to photographs attached to walls or displayed in frames – make sure you remove them before you start showing your home. It’s really hard for potential buyers to project their own personality onto the house when it’s so difficult to see past those ultra-personal kinds of items. The idea is for the buyer to think, “Wow, I can just imagine myself living here!” or “Gee, my vacation photos would look great on this wall!”
  • Remove books from any bookcases or shelves – these reflect your unique tastes and personality, not the buyer’s.
  • Pack up (or, at least hide) any family heirlooms or other highly-visible objects which shout, “Look, everyone, this is what I’m all about.”

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