Advantages of New Construction

Advantages of Newly-constructed Home Purchase

Most people enjoy buying new things. After all, who doesn’t prefer buying almost anything new compared to the purchase of something second-hand, finances permitting? Well, ok, there are those antique hunters out there who would strongly disagree. However; barring those types who live for the chance to stumble upon that extra-rare 18th century cherry wood rocking chair that Benjamin Franklin used to doze off in; most of us think new is usually better.

Whether it’s a gleaming, sporty convertible without a hint of a scratch, or a new baseball glove with its fresh-smelling leather, still waiting to be broken in, the way we feel after purchasing something brand new is totally unique, when compared to the purchase of the same item used. There’s a special aura associated with it that touches our psyche on some deep level.

The same can be said when it comes to buying a newly constructed home – probably to a much greater extent. But did you know, there are some outstanding practical reasons for purchasing a new home as opposed to a resale home? And, for the most part, these advantages are simply not available with a resale home. In that regard, here are some things to ponder:

  • There are no surprises: You already know what you’re really getting, from the start. After all you are the one who chose the interior and exterior design features, you know how the home was constructed, how well it was constructed, the materials that went into the construction, the types and brand names of the appliances, and the details about the systems that work to maintain and support your home. And, the lack of surprises translates into much less stress and worry for you.
  • Home styling and personality are uniquely your own. You don’t need to worry about removing the traces of someone else’s personality reflected in their design tastes. Thus, you avoid the need to redesign or remodel to change the look and feel of the home in order to reflect your own personality. This saves you time and money, not to mention frustration.
  • You benefit from newer technology. Compared with older homes, new homes being constructed today offer better overall construction, as well as more advanced, longer-lasting building materials –- superior roof shingles, for example. In addition, indoor air quality is superior, thanks to advances in heating and air conditioning systems. Insulation quality is also vastly improved over the homes of yesteryear. Overall, newly constructed homes are healthier, more comfortable, more energy-efficient, and even more appealing to the eye.
  • In most locales, you usually have a variety of homebuilders from which to choose. Thus, you have the opportunity to delve into the builder’s business background, and investigate the company’s reputation for excellence. You can also compare style, design, and construction features among different builders at your leisure. As well, you can determine which builders are more specialized in using certain building materials and the advantages/disadvantages of each. Knowing a builder maintains a solid reputation can provide you with a great deal of peace of mind and added reassurance that your decision to buy new was the right one.
  • New home warranty: as with the purchase of a new vehicle, your new home comes with a new-home warranty. Your builder will be happy to explain the warranty details before you actually buy. Also, many builders offer an after-sales service program, along with a third-party guarantee. This also adds up to peace of mind, which just isn’t possible with a resale home — when something breaks in those kinds of homes, you have to immediately dig into your own pockets to take care of it.
  • Appreciation: More than one real estate expert has concluded that, as a whole, new homes tend to appreciate at a faster pace than their resale counterparts. This has to do, in some measure, with how new home communities are laid out. Oftentimes, communities of new homes feature appealing designs from a variety of builders. In addition, open spaces are effectively utilized – sometimes they showcase sculptured floral and fauna arrangements; other times — parks, hiking and bike trails, and golf courses are highlighted. Safety features such as plentiful street lamps, and wide sidewalks and streets are also common. As a result, schools and retail establishments start popping up to cater to the demands of increasing numbers of residents in the area. Likewise, home appreciation increases over a relatively short period of time.
  • Neighborliness: Anew home community fosters a spirit of friendliness that’s often lacking in older, more established neighborhoods featuring more diverse homes. In the new home community, everyone is basically starting out at the same time; and over time, the kids of many different families in the community will grow up with each other, which gives parents and kids alike opportunities to share and bond with each other. This is especially important for people from outside the region, who yearn for a sense of community, and want to fit in with their fellow residents from the beginning.

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